427   Commercial St. , Constitution Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts
to OCEAN STATION BRAVO  at   561/2 Degrees N   51 Degrees W
14 FEB to 19 MAR 1967
CAPT Arthur Hancock , Commanding
Lt.Cdr Biller, XO
Lt.Cdr Eastman, Engineering Officer
A photographic tour of the USCG in the North Atlantic

Bibb at dock 1967
fan tail awards

W 31  Bibb in Boston 1967 Pre-departure Awards Ceremony
       Capt Hancock 

 Moose photos Hidden " deer camera"  photos  in Maine woods  1125th US Army Hospital 

Allagash Moose 1 Allagash Scenery 5 USCG W31 Bibb

Allagash Moose 2 Allagash Scenery 6

Allagash Moose 3 Bird Pictures   Camp Weygadt History and photos

Allagash Moose  4 R & Rs Retreat  ( horses , equipment, etc) Scout Troop 48 Wind Gap PA