page twenty one
from a 1963 Kodachrome slide collection
Mt Kit and flag
diving dock 1963

                                            May the great Scoutmaster of all true Scouts be with us until we meet again.
 Page One = Introduction and Home Page
Page Two = Camp History
Page Three =  1930s
Page Four  =  1940s
Page Five   =  1950's
Page Six    =   1960's
Page  Seven = Mess Hall , Retreat
Page Eight  = Weygadt Hymn
Page  Nine = Leaders
Page Ten   =  Leaders (2
Page Eleven = Order of  Arrow
Page Twelve = Waterfront
Page Thirteen    = Waterfront
Page Fourteen    = Patches
Page Fifteen    = Patches
Page Sixteen    =
Troops + Scouts

Page SeventeenPhotos from Mt Tam
Page  Eighteen   =   Current Aerial Photos n Maps
Page Nineteen   =  
Page Twenty     =   Closing
Page Twenty one...Late additions found in 2020





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