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Camp Weygadt was first established in 1921 under a lease agreement and was purchased in 1925  consitsting of 1248 acres.  The dinning hall, Mitchell Hall , was built in 1930 and the formal opening of the camp took place in 1931. The hall was named for Harry Mitchell of Easton who financed much of the early expenses and was known at the father of scouting in Easton.  George Mitchell and many other prominent businessmen in the surrounding counties contributed to the purchases and developement as explained in the booklet " Fifty Years of Service to Boys - a history of Scouting in the Delaware Valley". Willam Beesley came on as camp cook that year.  The Swimming pool was built in 1932 The ranger cabin was built. A nature cabin made of oak logs from Maine and a lean-to on top of Mt. Tamminy followed. Stockade and Minsi units were built in 1946 and the health lodge was added.
In 1954 Pioneer unit was erected. In 1957 renovation of Mitchell Hall was completed.

                 The first scout executive was Dr. Conohay, then Newton Burk, Herbert Horton, and then Walter s. culpepper Jr. in January of 1930.

 "A History of Scouting in the Delaware Valley", the 50th anniversary issue, contains information about camp, leaders, community support and photographs and is located at this link CLICK HERE
for this valuable scource of information.


1931 Camp Brochure

Map of Delaware Valley showing the boundaries of CAMP WEYGADT and the Delaware River 

Bill Beasley , CHEF Chief Culpepper  in 1937 with Daws
            Chief Culpepper 


 A close up photo of Chief Culpepper from the 50th Anniversary book is among other photos at this link:   CLICK HERE



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