Alces Alces Americana in August on the Allagash
               Pictures from a  three day trip on The Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine
Thursday: Sunrise through the morning fog

Moose  # 13,14,15 in a group in the swamp next to Tuesdays breakfast site

Moose #16: We came ashore to examine moose tracks. While David was off in the brush following tracks, a large bull splashed slowly across the waters edge and peered at me, but something shifted in the canoe and made a noise  and the wary bull  then disappeared into the brush....but.....
Moose # 16 We got back in the canoe and paddled up stream to  find the large bull. 
 He crosses  the stream ahead of us

# 16  Heading for the woods
Moose #16: He went into the woods, came back out 50 yards
upstream to see if we were still there and then disappeared again.
              We went back to pack up camp and leave the area...but                 

Moose # 17: Back at camp going to wash up at the lake but # 17 was  peering  at me from 25 yards out in the lake . Moose # 17  coming up after diving for bottom grass

After photographing #17 , David went back to the canoe ( without a camera)  and a calf, #18,  was wandering around a few yards away- no photo of 18.

As we packed the canoe, another moose ( perhaps #17 again) could be seen in the background.
The return trip against midday winds required making a spray shield for the canoe with duct tape to make the bow water proof as the bow went under some of the waves.... bailing bow and stern, landing to bail out 4 inches of water, hitting a rock and breaking a sheer pin on the propellor shaft  and whew !! Welcome to calm waters.
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