Alces Alces Americana in August on the Allagash
               Pictures from a  three day trip on The Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine
Second day Wednesday (continued)

Moose # 9 " spooky moose" was out in the dead water but ran for cover despite our stealth.
went into another lagoon to the north with the 2 hp motor running

   Moose  # 10 on the bank scared off at our rounding the bend and ran for the woods.      
Moose #11+12 : A breeze behind us now sent the smoke and smell of us and the engine exhaust ahead of us -- right to a cow deep in the lake and her calf on the bank bleating for its mother. The cow continued to dine on bottom grass under water and above despite the motor and exhaust. We watched from about 25 yards for 15 minutes, started the motor again and left them alone. The cow continued to eat pond grass and lillies as we motored away. 

Moose #12 cow
 Very trusting , let us get up quite close.
Moose # 11 calf

went back to camp.
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