Alces Alces Americana in August on the Allagash
               Pictures from a  three day trip on The Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine
Second day Wednesday left camp at 5 30 am.

  Moose  # 5 and 6. Cow and calf  , early morning backlight   about 6 15 am.      See sunrise photos on camp and scenery page                                                              
Moose #7 : We paddled  three hundred yards from  moose 5 and 6 to"Sunny Moose ": she was catching the early morining sun . There was no breeze, loons cry and pileated woodpecker hammering echoed off the woods.
  Canoe approach to young bull moose, paddles feathered or sculled for silence and gunnels protected from noise with styrofoam covers .No breeze meant we did not have to be careful about scent blowing towards him..   This young bull was 200 yds across the deadwater from sunny moose # 7 and in the shade against the glare of the rising sun he was difficult to spot at first.
We paddled up stream a bit to keep the sun behind us as we got closer to him.

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Moose # 8     Very trusting , let us get up quite close.                                   more of Moose #8

Moose # 8
Moose # 8

                    CLOSE ENOUGH   !


Stopped for coffee about 8 :30 am   then paddled and motored into
another lagoon...see next page
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