Alces Alces Americana in August on the Allagash
               Pictures from a  three day trip on The Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine
August 2004
Tuesday : Left camp at 5:20 am

  Moose  # 1 at 5:20 am  in poor light before sunrise , we paddled on and saw no moose , stopped on an island at 8 am for a light breakfast and came back into the lagoon to the north where we saw moose #2                              
Moose #2, circle moose circled around us on the edge of the woods to the right and  then went in front and passed to our left staying one to two hundred yards away all the time.
returned to camp, lake flat so we went to the abandoned logging locomotives between Eagle and Chamberlain lake . Click here for link to the photos of locomotives, tram and camp. 
That evening  we heard moose splashing and paddled out to see the night moose  - moose #3
      Click below for Loon sounds borrowed from other scources


Loon song in the day... 41 kb

Loon song #2   84 kb

Moose # 3  7:30 at night ! Dark photographs
  Moose # 4 is the calf of night  moose #3.   No photo - too dark

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