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VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE   as of  2017 March

FRANK'S WAR : Viet Nam 62-63

2016 fall and winter

BirdsBugsBlossoms2016 vers 2

2016 Predators and Prey

2015 12 09 summer fall winter trail cams

2015 08 18 West Branch Pond Maine
2015 07 20 Eastern coyote puppies PART ONE( coywolf ) Canis latrans var.,
2015 07 26 coywolf puppies - PART TWO - Maine
2015 04 to 07 Maine coyotes and other forest critters

2015 APRIL MAY Maine Backyard Birds

2015 05 02 cake candle

2015 04 Maine winter birds

2014 09 to 12 Maine Swamp
Maine game camera videos arranged chronologically from September through December. ( a 22 min long video).

2015 - Red squirrel in the corn feeder

2015 Jan Eagles and raven vers 2

2014 08 30 Maine woods Jan to August FINAL
game camera video clips in 2014 up to August 30th. Maine woods.

2004 TO 2014 TEN YEARS OF coyote pictures

2014 Birds Eagles Fisher in Maine

2013 Fall and Winter PART TWO

2013 Fall & Winter in Maine PART ONE

2013 Summer in the Swamp - Maine

Aruba FISH and FOWL
Spring in the Swamp 2013

2013 back yard predators MAINE

2013 Slideshow

Passing by...a big moose
2012 JULY - Maine bugs n beasts
2012 06 JUNE in the Maine Woods.wmv

2012 MAY in MAINE vers2 (revised music credit info- see description)

2012 APRIL Animal Antics ver 07.wmv

2012 March in the Marsh.wmv
2012 FEBRUARY in the Forest.wmv
bobcats deer coyotes turkeys in Maine in February 2012
background music from the public domain as posted in the video

2012 02 17 FINNTOWN COYOTES.wmv

2012 02 10 edgarpostbuddies.wmv

2012 Maine Forest Critters 2011-12.wmv
trail camera videos of coyote, rabbit, fisher, deer, fox, bobcat and turkeys in Nov, Dec and Jan. Winte

2011 12 31 Feathers of November and December.wmv

2011 12 23 deer coyotes.wmv
deer coyotes poachers, trail camera, Maine , moose, bobcat , some where in Maine

2011 09 30 sept sights sounds n music

2011 09 06 Warren Maine FAWNS, does, bucks, bobcat, moose
FAWNS, does, bucks, bobcat, moose in the summer of 2011 in Warren Maine posted 2011 09 06
Fawn photos showed distinctive spot patterns that allowed these two fawns to be followed from June

Bambi Killers of Warren Maine - 2011 08 06.wmv

2011 07 26 Fawns jun ju brandenburg

Night scope views of coons, fox, cat and skunk all tolerating each other in the black of night. Illuminated with an infared light, taken with a hand held digital camera.

Warren Maine and Rockland 2011 07 12 May to Jul Moose Collection PLUS music.wmv
Video follows the bull moose, and a cow moose, from May to July in Warren and Rockland Maine.
2011 07 12 May to Jul Moose Collection

Warren Maine 2011 07 03 Death from Above
A trail camera at night records a rabbit and possibly an owl
Warren Maine 2011 07 03 rabbit owl IR wgi d8.wmv
Poor quality

Who ate my apple maple leaf rag

Warren Maine 2011 06 End S Rd FLASH MA.wmv
Warren Maine at the End of the S Rd logging trail a video camera records activities of deer and moose in

2011 06 Hill 205 MA.wmv
porcupine (eating ferns ) deer and moose on Hill 205 Rockland Bog June 2011

Warren Maine 2011 06 18 fox coon night scope MA.wmv
fox coon deer activity through the night scope in Warren Maine

Warren Maine 2011 06 RW line moose MA.wmv
 Video camera on the Rockland Warren line - young bull moose
 with a small bell (tassle) and deer., does, bucks, bobcat, moose in the summer of 2011 in Warren Maine posted 2011 09 06
Fawn photos showed distinctive spot patterns that allowed these two fawns to be followed from Junedit?o=U&video_id=qAICADRMR78

Warren Maine 2011 06 log yardMA.wmv

Warren Maine 2011 06 End S Road Moose FLASH.wmv
Two cameras on one tree. One is an infa red video the other a color flash camera.
Note the moose's reaction to the flash camera as he approaches

Warren Maine 2011 JUNE deer in the Rockland Bog swamp 2-40sec sound.wmv

2011 coon owl fox moose coyote

Warren Maine Night Scope Midnight Doe
A doe and two lambs come out of the woods at 150 yards, they are watching another doe close to my window. Taken with the night scope with infared illumination.

Warren Maine Feeding baby swallows
Adult swallow hovers and feeds young ones

Warren Maine Night Scope 6 pt buck- nightscope
6 pt buck in nightscope at 1 30 am Warren Maine

Warren Maine Ruffed Grouse budding in apple tree POOR VIDEO
Ruffed Grouse budding in apple tree near barn unafraid of persons.
Starts in beech tree, moves to apple, then sun comes out.

Bananquits at St Maarten
Bananqquits eating sugar - five pounds of sugar every 4 days - off the porch of the timeshare at Ocean Club in St. Maarten in March 2009

Warren Maine Pileated female on birch
Pileated woodpecker, female, on birch, eating ants. September 6, 2006 . Warren Maine

USCG Cutter BIBB W 31 Ocean Station Bravo North Atlantic
USCG Cutter BIBB W 31 Ocean Station Bravo North Atlantic: Super 8 movie taken from the ship on Ocean Station Bravo in the North Atlantic in March 1967. This was a weather patrol done before the day...

 Warren Maine Eagle
Eagle watching from tree. Warren, Maine, 1:30 pm, March 14 2007

 Warren Maine Hunting Dog Training Lesson One: MUD

 Warren Maine Pileated Woodpecker

nightscope 291 Deer Oct. 27, 2006

 nightscope 291 Moon Light Buck

 Warren Maine Revolutionary War Cannon

 nightscope 291 DEER 6x Aquilla

 nightscope 291 coyote Maine

 Warren Maine Grouse at wood pile

 Warren Maine Moose July 8,2008

 Warren Maine RAVEN CROW GULL 2011.avi

 Warren Maine Packard Mill Road Eating Rabbit

 trail trimmer for woods trails

 warren maine August 05 2010 - night activities of coon and moose

 warren Maine - Pet Partridge of Packard Mill Road - grouse.mp4

 Warren Maine electric moose vers 3.wmv

 Warren Maine --- Springtime in Maine 2010 v2 .wmv

 warren maine-- goldfinch - splish splash, I was taking a bath

 warren maine logging with tom burgess part 1

 Warren Maine a Bear Hunt John Cooke in the Maine woods

  Warren Maine Two Moose Nightscope July 2009

 Warren Maine swallows and crow parents feed the birds

 warren maine july 2009 bobcat at night rabbit turkey

 warren maine night scope buck lying down chewing on acorns under fence

 warren maine night scope of buck walking

 Warren Maine RAVEN RACKET in red pines