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2004 to 2011

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                      Deer Camera pictures of 2004 through August of 2006
DC 1   Vultures, coyote, turkeys, moose May 2004 
DC 2   Coyote , turkey, doe
DC 3    Coyote , turkey, buck , bobcat, porcupine, squirrel
DC 4    Turkey, racoon, bobcat
DC 5    Doe , moose, turkey , fawn
DC 6    Large buck in velvet, turkey and doe in same picture
DC 7    Moose
DC 8    Racoon, buck, doe, photographer, turkey,doe with lump, coyotes, raven and vulture together
DC 9    Coyote, buck , grouse, fisher eating dead coyote, more coyotes
DC 10  Coyote, pregnant doe, doe and fawn, buck in velvet, spotted bobcat

                       Deer Camera pictures from September 2006 to August 2008
DC 11  Sept 2006 Hill 205 pictures: Fawn, moose, bobcat
DC 12  March and April 2007: Coyotes, hare, buck deer, hawk, turkey
DC 13  May, June and July 2007: Young buck, coyote, turkeys, porcupine
DC 14  September 2007  Fawn, doe, and buck on edge of north swamp
DC 15  October 2007 Moose, buck, fawn twins, coyotes north swamp and north field
DC 16  November 2007  Coyotes and fawn twins on Marmon Road
DC 17  November to Dec 1 2007 Buck, fawn twins, fisher, spike buck on  Two Rock Road
DC 18N Night photographs 2006 and 2007
DC 19  November 2007 through FEB 2008 Deer, coyote, turkey, weasel, fisher on Marmon Road
DC 20  FEB 2008  through April 2008  Bobcat , coyote, fox, turkey on the Beaver Dam Road
DC 21 Final Page
DC 22 April 2008 Deer , coyote, fox, turkey
DC 23 May 2008 Deer , coyote, fox, turkey, porcupine, moose
DC 24 JUNE 2008 Deer and coyotes and overlay images
DC 25 June 2008 Animal track study
DC 26 June July 2008 Doe,buck, fawn, moose, moose calf, coyote, hare.
DC 27 June July 2008 up to Aug 1st :At the river, moose, two bucks, doe, fawn, porcupine.
DC 28 July and Aug 2008 : Doe and fawn, coyotes, racoon at several locations.
DC 29 September and October 2008: Young deer, coyote, buck, turkeys
DC 30 October and November bucks
DC 31 November and December fawns, doe at sunrise, bucks, hunters,coyotes

DC 32 January 2009 Coyotes, deer, moose
DC 33 November 2008 to March 2009 coyotes, squirrel, rabbit, bobcat
DC 34 March 2009 - coyotes,turkey, porcupine, hare, bobcat
DC 35 May and June 2009 coyotes, porcupine, hare, deer
DC 36 June 2009  deer and moose at a woods crossing
DC 37 June 23 to July 22: Deer and moose.
DC38 JULY 2009: Moose, deer, porcupine, bobcat, coyote, fox
DC39 MAY to SEP 2009 along the river: deer, coyote, bobcat , racoon
DC40 July to SEP 2009 -over the river in Rockland, deer, coyotes, moose, one fawn
DC41 August to October 2009 field near house , Beaver Dam road : coyotes, deer

DC42 October, November, December swamp bucks doe coyote moose
DC 43 NOV DEC bucks doe fisher fox coyotes bobcat hare
DC 44 OCT to JAN 2010 : bucks doe turkey coyote
DC 45 March April 2010 :  turkeys coyotes moose hare racoon
DC 46  May June 2010: Turkey, hare, coyote, porcupine, bobcat, deer, moose
DC 47 May 2010 : MAP OF CAMERA LOCATIONS: Turkey, Racoon, bobcat carrying rabbit, fawns, bucks , moose
DC 48 Deer, moose, rabbit, porcupine, bobcat
DC 49 Buck, doe, coyote, rabbit ,owl, bluebird, goose,bobcat, raven
DC 50 rabbit raven, chickadee, woodpecker,eagle, loon,blue jay
DC 51 eagle mature and immature, gull, raven...empty page to save server space
DC 52 deer coyotes porcupines ...empty page to save space
DC53 turkey moose bobcat deer coyote hummingbird
DC54 May 2011 turkey moose coyote deer hummingbirds red squirrel
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